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Start a Successful Online Consulting Business
The Definitive Guide

Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide / 25th January 2022
Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide

This is the definitive guide to starting your own online consulting business from any location which covers everything you need to succeed and to make it a success.

So, if you’d like to:

  • Find a steady flow of consultation clients on the internet
  • Clients should pay them well for your consulting services
  • Make yourself your own boss and creating a positive, far-reaching impact on the world.
  • And all this while enjoying the freedom to work from any location in the world.
  • Do what you love to do to make money and over time.

You’ll appreciate this brand-new guide.

Let’s get started.

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Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide

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Chapter 1:

Build Fundamentals to Get Started

In the Golden Age of digital marketing starting an online consulting business seems simple and easy , however the steps to be successful may be complex and intimidating.

In this article , I’ll lead you on a journey into the meaning of be more than consultant, but an entrepreneurial.

We get into consulting because we’re passionate. However, the reason consultants don’t last is because they see it as an enterprise.

I’m going to explain the fundamentals of business along with the tales of those who succeeded as well as their horror tales of ones who didn’t . So you’ll have a broad view of the requirements to create a successful online consulting business by 2021.

We’ll start with the basics.

Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide

What Exactly is an online consulting business?

An online business for consulting is a business that operates entirely on the internet. There is not much of an presence in person.

This is a way of obtaining consulting clients that buy on the internet and getting their consultations delivered through the internet.

The Growth of Online Consulting

The days are gone where consulting was just focused on one-on-one sessions. It is not possible to conduct in-person consultation with more than a few individuals at once.

In-person consulting is slowly losing favor due to the amount of time and effort needed for consultations in person. This is exacerbated by the perception of risks related in the spread of pandemic.

This has led online consulting to gain recognition and is now the norm.

According to a research, the usage of audio-video platforms by professionals such as consultants has increased by 74%, while the number of interactions in person has decreased by 80percent.

Data shows that in order to reach more clients consultants should move to digital.

Of course, this pattern has grown more pronounced due to a shortage of options due to the strict lockdowns that have been imposed across the globe. However, it’s extremely unlikely that it will return to the state it was in before.

The pandemic has profoundly changed the mentality of many people around the globe.

Mynoo is a business consultant. She would frequently fly around the globe to do consultations in person with clients. She traveled on her own with her family to spend the time suffering from the exhaustion of traveling, changing time zones, staying in hotels, traveling to the place where she performed her consulting, and all the other issues associated with consulting in person.

She was always exhausted, didn’t have time to herself and didn’t prioritize her health and wellbeing. Her health was in decline.

Then the shift occurred.

She consults on the internet from the comfort of her home with her family members or any location she desires. She earns the same amount through her consultations while reducing the time, effort and costs associated with travelling and the logistics of in-person consultations.

This is an important game changer!

I’ve come across many business owners and consultants who were forced into transitioning their company online. They were not sure it would be feasible. Once they had done it, and realized that it was it, they’re completely sold!

Now you can put your time, effort and money that you would have previously wasted on unimportant items; on items that are significant and valuable to yourself as well as your business.

When you run an online business for consulting you are able to communicate to clients from all over the world by using audio and video conference calls as well as various other digital tools.

It’s a fantastic chance to meet individuals from all over the globe.

When moving online your consulting company is bound to grow exponentially that is likely to exceed the levels achievable when you’re offline.

What an online consulting business is not?

It’s easy to begin an online business for consulting however, a large number of consultants are still struggling to find success.

This is due to the fact that they don’t know what an online business consulting is not.
Being an online consultant does not require a complicated website. It is essential to have a well-designed website instead of a complex web site. A simple website with a few pages could be an ideal choice for you to move to digital.

Anila Bashllari had a complicated website which didn’t work and she was unable to get clients to sign up. Then she changed her website to a more simple, but effective one.

Anila is now one of the largest consultants in Eastern Europe. Anila is an excellent illustration of how a basic and well-designed website has helped her to go digital and succeed with her consultancy business.


The fact that you can run a business online doesn’t mean that it’s easy or requires less effort. It’s not just all about staying at home, giving webinars.

More than that, and demands that you establish virtual connections with your customers.

As consultant, you have to be aware of the needs of your clients and provide value by consulting , using tools and methods that assist your clients in their growth both personally and professionally.

Benefits of an online consulting business

A consulting company that is online has numerous advantages over an offline business of consulting. Here are a few of them.


According to statistics, 59% of the world’s population are online. It’s 4.54 billion!

It’s a staggering amount. Going online provides a vast potential market for your consulting business online rather than being constrained due to being physically unavailable and geographically limited.

the world is moving online - start a successful online consulting business

An excellent example could be Ann Moir-Bussy who works with women who are who are over 50.

She had a hard time finding clients offline, however, going online allowed her to connect with clients across the world.

When the pandemic struck she was well-positioned to capitalize and accelerate the growth of her company.


A consulting company that is online can reach more people, which allows you to provide services to clients around the globe. Your business can be expanded to other countries as well as time zones.


When you have an online business for consulting you can attend meetings at any schedule and at your own convenience. Face-to-face sessions are also addressed. These issues could include the requirement of a suitable location for conducting the session, travel time for the session, or the fear of meeting individuals in person during the outbreak.

No boundaries:

As an expert consultant, you are able to attend sessions from anywhere in the world, with less cost of overhead. The most appealing part is that you can use internet in order to give the entire globe your clientele.

Brian Peters consults business owners across the globe and is a resident of a stunning islands within the Philippines! That’s something to emulate.

One of the many beautiful places Brian works from

Minimum Infrastructure requirements

One of the benefits of a online consulting business is the ability to start your company right away.

The initial cost is relatively low in the case of an online consultancy business since there is no need for expensive or complex infrastructure to get started. All you require is an laptop and an internet connection.

I am a living proof of the possibility of this. The business began when I was trapped in Bali with just an unreliable laptop computer, microphone, and less than $400 in my name.

You can make a huge impact when you start an online business for consulting. Therefore, take this risk.

Chapter 2:

Niche Yourself to Stand Out

You must be able to convince them to connect with your message, so that you can turn them into customers.

This is where niching successfully matters and can be the difference between success and failure for any consulting company.

Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide

Why Niching is Critical

One of the biggest errors I’ve seen in consultants struggle with getting their consulting company off the ground is that they don’t focus on their niche.

A majority of consultants have an abstract concept of what a niche is. They aim to appeal to an entire population to get more customers.

Some consultants are convinced that advice is for everyone, and they don’t need limit themselves to a narrow audience.It creates credibility for your services and makes leads know that they can count on you to deliver the result they desire.

This could be the case. But there’s a crucial fact that you must be aware of.

Not niching dilutes your message

There’s a lot of information available. It is important to narrow your focus in order to effectively connect with your target viewers.

Niching can also lead to your having less direct competition.

Here’s an example that will help you understand what the solution is to “why” question.

Let’s say that you have an extreme fear of flying, and you decide to consult a professional to help you overcome your anxiety.

There are two options available,
A) A Mindset Consultant to assist clients in their mental outlook
B) A phobia specialist who can help people overcome their fears that are irrational

Which of the two consultants above would you be more likely to pick?

I’m betting on the phobia expert.

Here’s a different example

You’re trying to break an addiction to smoking. You’ve tried to overcome it for years , and now must choose between two experts:

  1. An NLP consultant
  2. A NLP consultant who is specialized in helping smokers quit

It’s likely to be the expert who is skilled in solving your problems.

It’s the same with those who are seeking your services.

Niching effectively is the best way to stand out, relate powerfully, and get chosen by clients

How to identify a powerful niche?

A niche that is powerful includes two elements:

Who is your target demographic , or your target market. It is crucial to determine the people you’d like to reach. It’s important to comprehend the market and determine your ideal customer.

What is the solution you provide. When you’ve decided on the target market it is time to figure the best way to provide to help them. What kind of service or product can you offer your target group.

Let’s consider an example.

Imagine that you’re a career advisor. As consultant, you are planning to focus on students within the 20-25 age bracket.

As a career counselor, you must figure out what students are looking for.

A few may be looking to get internships, while others might be looking for full-time work.

You decide now to provide your services as a consultant for those who are looking to find full-time employment.

This refers to:

WHO means students between the ages of 20-25

What is the definition of a full-time job?

Combine the WHO and WHAT components and your niche for consulting is set!

Your consulting niche is Who and What i.e. Consulting for students aged between 20 and 25 who are looking to find full-time work.

The graphic below is another example.


You might be thinking about how to choose the WHO and WHAT factors?

The next step can assist you.

Finding your niche

Consulting involves getting to know the client’s issue and then finding the appropriate solution to meet their objectives.

But first it’s about finding out. Niching is about identifying the best target audience and the most appropriate issue to tackle for them.

This is where “The Niche Diamond” can assist you in defining your area of expertise.

the niche diamond - starting a consulting business while working full-time

This Niche Diamond asks the 4 crucial questions needed to determine a niche that is powerful.

Are you passionate about your niche?

The first thing to consider is whether your passionate about helping your customers?

Consulting, like every other type of business there will be many highs and lows. Your enthusiasm will be the foundation of your success since it will never let you down to persevere, and keep you focused in tough times.

It is essential to be enthusiastic about the people you serve, otherwise, you may not be able to know your customers well enough. If you’re passionate about something, then you dig deep into the subject.

When you dig deep into something can you discover the root cause of the issue and discover solutions at the basic level.

Passion builds a deep sense of empathy for your clients and allows you to understand the most important aspects of them. Your passion will help you to understand the clients’ wants or desires, and anxieties that can hinder their progress towards their goals. This will allow you to figure the best solutions to consult with your clients.

Is your Niche thriving and accessible?

As an expert, it is important to identify a niche that will provide you with a large number of customers and clients gather in a location that you have access to quickly.

This is where the online experience truly shines through.

As I stated earlier, a substantial portion of the population is online. Many platforms boast millions or even billions of users.

They create communities and are influenced by those who share their desires, interests as well as their goals and fears.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to act as a consultant. I’ll discuss the most effective methods to achieve this in the next few paragraphs.

However you should be mindful when choosing a field which is populated by a tiny number of people or isn’t easy to access.

You will not be able to get to be in front of all of those who are in your field. And even if you do get in front of however, only a small percentage are likely to sign up as customers. So, your already slim number of clients are reduced.

It will be a huge issue for you to run the consulting company.

The same happened to Kaley. She first chose to focus on the area of helping people cope with sadness due to the death of their spouse.

It was a good area, but the issue was that she had to be in front of those who’d lost beloved ones in the appropriate moment, and it was difficult to do.

These people were not in a position that would make them easily accessible.

Kaley's Website

She She realized that, and chose to shift her focus to another niche. The new area she picked was helping those diagnosed as having auto-immune illness by addressing their symptoms and becoming pain-free.

Kaley's Website

It has led to her gaining a large number of clients who are high-value due to the potential clients coming together in various online communities and this created a variety of possibilities to connect with her clients.

Pick your battles carefully.

Do they have the money to Pay?

It is vital as an expert to determine whether your clients are financially able to make payments to you or not.

As an example, suppose your specialty is helping people get up and running following the bankruptcy filing.

Your clients are currently in a financial crisis and are struggling to meet their financial obligations.

Do you think they’ll be able to afford you, even though you may provide enormous value to them?

Consider your worth as a consultant and what value you can provide the clients you serve. It’s wonderful to help others but it’s only possible to accomplish it consistently and effectively is to be doing it the work consistently and getting paid to do it.

Therefore, you must always choose an area where customers can be willing to pay for your consulting services.

Are you solving a problem worth paying for?

Before you choose your target market, make sure you have a clear answer to the question of whether your customers will prefer to pay you to solve the issue you’re solving for them.

are they willing to pay you - starting a consulting business while working full-time

The amount someone is willing to pay for a problem is contingent upon the extent to which the issue is painful for them.

For instance, which one of these is the most painful issue?

  1. Aiding a business owner who isn’t organized, to organize their desk
  2. Aiding a business owner trying to increase leads by a third their revenue by advising them on how to acquire more leads

What problem do you think the client will pay you a premium to resolve?

Be sure that the clients’ issues are so difficult for them to make them feel required for them to purchase a large fee to help them overcome the issue.

If not, you will need to change your focus as you’ll be unable to make a profit from it.

Follow all instructions of niche diamond cautiously. Don’t do it in a hurry.

This is among the fundamentals of your consulting company and is essential to bring your consulting business to the heights you want to reach.

Chapter 3:

Packaging for Success

Now that you have identified your niche, you need to price it right.

Marking the right price can be the difference between continually fighting to retain and attract customers versus attracting clients who are thrilled to collaborate with you, and pay them well and remain with you over the long run.

So let’s get into how to do that.

Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide

Packaging Your Consulting

Packaging your consulting is basically the way you charge your consulting.

This is the way that numerous consultants accomplish:

“Get Five sessions in exchange for $X”

“Buy 6 sessions, and get 2 sessions for free”

This is not packaging , but providing discounts.

A different common example can be “$X an hour”

Charges per hour are an error that consultants often make.

If you study the most successful consultants there, you will find that none charge by the hour.


In a psychological sense, when you charge per hour, the clients can evaluate it against what they could pay in exchange for that consultation session.

If, for instance, you charge $100 for a session your client will associate the cost with what they could purchase for that $100. A delicious dinner for their entire family, or five months of Netflix or whatever.

They will compare this with each minute that they are with you. This will make it more difficult and more difficult to stay with you.

Effective results require time. If you’re not able to gain enough time, you’re not likely to offer sufficient value.

This will make it more difficult and harder to keep customers.

why charging by the hour doesn't work - starting a consulting business while working full-time

A consultancy package determined by a designated OUTCOME.

For instance: Let’s say you are a chiropractor. Your chiropractic consultation package could be a boot camp on a weekend where you would consult with the chiropractors to boost profits of 20%. It will also dramatically improve client retention and reduce staff turnover.

Keep in mind that your clients do not pay for your services or the time you’ve spent with them however, for the outcome they want to attain.

An excellent example can be found in Brian Peters. Brian assists financial advisors to gain more clients through referrals.

In the past, he would charge clients on a per-session basis. This worked and he would attract a few clients. But a lot of them would leave in only few sessions. It was a constant battle to keep clients on long-term and to get them to stick around until they achieved impressive results would take a little period of time.

He then shifted from billing per session to developing outcome-based services. Today, Brian is booked completely out!

He’s at a point where he’s required to find an avenue to expand his consulting services so that he spends less time with each client, that will enable him to provide more services to clients.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your consulting plan hone in on the goal your clients will be able to achieve.

You’ll be able to increase your profits exponentially by linking the PAIN of your customers to the results from your plan.

Different types of consulting packages

Now that you are aware of how to (and what not to) organize your consulting Do you think there is a solution that will work for everyone?

It’s not likely, since most people don’t have the money to purchase your top consulting service.

This is the reason you have to set up different packages that focus on different segments of your customers based on their preferences and budget.

The best way to do this is to use three kinds of consulting packages.

Package 1: Taster Package

A taster pack is lower priced and offers your customers an idea of what you offer. It basically gives A + B for your clients.

Package 2: Package for Mid-Range

Mid-range packages are twice what you can get from your tasting package, which means you can offer A+B+C+D packages to your customers and typically, it’s more expensive.

Package 3: Premium Package

Premium package provides the most effective i.e. A+B+C …….Z to your customers.

When comparing the taster and mid-range options with the premium one, the premium package offers more value and outcomes for your customers.

Similar to packaging your consulting services, what you must realize is that your primary focus should be on the best package.

The concept behind listing 3 kinds of consulting packages is that the mid-range and taster packages simply gives the illusion of having a choice.

Certain people may opt for the taster or mid-range options, but if you develop an expensive consulting package i.e. A+B+C …….Z instead of A+B, many will opt for the higher priced package since it offers greater value.

Customers will be prepared to pay more for a premium package since they get the greatest benefits.

Chapter 4:

Price It Right for Maximum Profit

A good price will allow you to draw the right type of customers.

Getting the right clients in the door will provide you with a huge boost in the development of your online consulting business. In order to do this, it is important be aware of the science behind pricing and the different types of clients you can attract.

Remember what I said earlier you should think of your consulting as an actual business. This is how you will be able to endure.

It’s essential to put that entrepreneurial cap on as you read through the following portion.

So let’s get started.

Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide

The importance of choosing the Right Client

According to the findings of a new study the annual average earnings from consulting is $71,752.

This is just an average consultant, and some moderately effective consultants earn far more than that.

How do you get into the top ranks of consultants, the top five percent?

To do this, knowing the different types and how to target the correct kind of client is essential.

This is how you can identify the best customer for your services and set your prices accordingly.

What is the difference between high-ticket and clients with low-tickets?

Let’s begin by defining what constitutes high-ticket and low-ticket customers.

A high-value client is usually one who pays at least $1000 for your consulting services.

A client with a low-cost price is one who pays less than $1000 to your consulting program.

Should you go for high-ticket clients or low-ticket clients?

Understanding the distinctions between clients with high-tickets and those with low-tickets will allow you to make an informed decision about the kind of client better for your needs and which type of clients you should be targeting.

  1. Profit

Wear your business-owner hat while reading this next chapter.

I will give you an example of actual figures for Abby who is one of the consultants I’ve worked with.

Abby’s dream was to earn $100,000 through her consulting.

She had found her niche and had created an offer, but was struggling to achieve her goal.

Clients were coming in but was confused on why her revenue was so low.

So I sat down with her and conducted an analysis of her actions.

There were two options for her, go low-ticket and charge $200 per customer – as she was doing. You could also go for a higher-ticket option charging $8000 per customer.

Here’s how the numbers looked like for her.

Target Revenue: $100,000

Low TicketHigh Ticket
Price per Client$200$8000
No. of clients required to achieve the target revenue500 Clients13 Clients

Therefore, if Abby were charging clients $200, she’d need 500 clients, whereas when she was charging $8000 per customer, she would require 13 clients.

She stated, “Well, 13 clients is an amazing number. 500 clients is a lot of work however, it’s not impossible.”

However, something that Abby did not consider here is the true cost of acquiring clients as well as the expense of fulfilling what she promised them.

This is just revenue. The difference isn’t profit. Profit is what really is important and it relates to the amount of money at the banks.

The amount you earn is your profits, which is the amount you earn less your expenses

After a few test, Abby was able to determine the price she charged for acquiring a customer and the price of providing her services.

And taking those into account, this is what our calculations looked like:

Target Profit: $100,000

Low TicketHigh Ticket
Price per Client$200$8000
Total cost per client (Cost for Acquiring + Cost of Delivery)$100$1000
Profit per client$100$7000
No. of clients required to achieve the target profit1000 Clients15 Clients

It was shocking to see the results for Abby!

According to these calculations, she’ll require 15 clients with high-end needs only 2 more than her previous estimate.

There was however a change in the results in the event she took a lower-priced.

She will need to close 1000 clients with low price for making a million dollars a year!

As you will see, a top-quality client has a higher return on investment than a number of low-cost clients.

From my personal experience, I can assure you that it’s a lot more easy to find 15 people willing to shell out $8000 rather than 1000 individuals who pay $200 per person.

It’s also a lot more efficient logistically to support, serve and guarantee the satisfaction of 15 clients rather than 1000 customers.

From a financial perspective, clients with customers with low incomes do not seem to make sense.

  1. Results and Testimonials

If you wish to run an effective consulting business, you must understand how the clients act. The mental attitude of your customers is a crucial factor when it comes to making your company profitable.

As an advisor, you must consider the mindset of someone who has put in an enormous amount of money in your consulting business versus one who has not invested much.

There is a significant distinction in the psychological needs of clients with higher and lower prices.

Have you ever picked something simply because it was the most expensive? Think about your own experiences throughout your life. I know I’ve had my share.

The majority of people are influenced by the psychological and belief that if something is costly it must be of good quality. They also value it more.

If you take a look at the large-scale consulting clients they are the type of taking on responsibility since their consulting investments are huge.

They are able to do the effort needed from their part. Together with your guidance, can lead to some impressive outcomes.

We’ve witnessed this in the cases of our clients too. After they’ve switched to the high-ticket approach and have radically altered the outcomes that their clients.

Their advice was the same. However, the clients they served took their work more seriously.

The high-ticket customers are also excited about their achievements, which means they are more satisfied with their accomplishments rather than complaining. They discuss their achievements in greater detail and with more enthusiasm as compared to lower-priced clients.

This results in to get raving reviews from these individuals.

This isn’t the norm when it comes to clients with lower budgets.

3.Potential Upsell

It is basically selling a premium product to the same target audience. The benefit of upselling comes from the fact that it does not have to include the cost of acquisition when you market the program to previous customers.

The clients with low budgets have lower capacity for investment, and therefore they do not tend to buy a new program as easily.

For high-end clients They have the capacity to invest in innovative programs that could yield outcomes. In addition, the trust you earn with clients who are high-end as they are more likely to see results is a great opportunity for your business of consulting.

Research has shown that it costs five times more to find an entirely new client as it does keeping an existing client.

Furthermore, customers who have been with us for a while are 50% more likely to experiment with new products and pay 31% more when compared to new customers.

new clients vs existing clients - start a successful online consulting business

Vijaya witnessed this in person. She offers a range of programs and has experienced tremendous satisfaction with one client buying several high-end programs.

I’ve observed the same with my customers. When someone buys one of my programs, I have seen about 60 percent of them continuing to buy another of my products.

  1. Retention

Customers with low-cost budgets usually search for the lowest price or most affordable price. Even if they join with you, they’ll always be looking for a better price. One way of stop them off and keep them with you is to match the price of other companies out there.

When you begin pricing there’s a race for the lowest point. You’ll be working more and harder for ever-dwindling margins, which results in earning less.

Servicing hundreds of customers and having no way to maintain the business since you’re not able to recover the costs is a huge detriment to your abilities as consultant.

On the other hand In the same vein, as I stated above high-end clients are the ones who take full ownership of their own success. They’ve invested in your success due to their faith in themselves, and make the necessary efforts to achieve their goals.

If people see results they expect, they are more likely to stay with you and continue to pay your fees on a regular basis.

When buying new items for the very first time expensive buyers are less likely be intimidated by your price and are less likely to try to negotiate the lowest prices or even ask for discounts.

This lets you keep the price you charge, or could allow you to increase it since you do not have to think about competitors.

Hugh Todd went through the exact same process. He was convinced that going low-cost was the right choice to gain many more customers. He did this for nearly an entire year. It was a very difficult period for his.

He decided then to give the high-ticket option a go. The result? He now has a number of clients with high-end prices who are loyal to him and whom are his favorite to serve. He’s never been back since!

In light of everything I’ve mentioned previously, you can see that there are many advantages to pricing your program to catering to clients with high-end spending habits.

Chapter 5:

Consulting Models for Exceptional Growth

Consulting models play a significant component in the expansion in the number of programs for consulting.

After having information on pricing strategies, you must also be aware of the various types of models for consulting and select one or more consulting models.

Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide

One-on-one consulting

One-on-one consulting, also called individual consulting or personal consulting is one of the most commonly used forms of consultation. These kind of consulting sessions are where you focus on and work with your client on an individual basis.

Clients love this kind of consulting as it enables them to get focused, individual attention. The entire session is catered to creating personalised solutions to their problems.

Group Consulting

Group consulting is a type of consulting that involves a closed group. Clients sign up in a group and then go through the course together. The consultant will work with one or more participants at one time. This adds to the value of learning from other peers with similar goals and struggles. Like any other kind of consultation, this one is able to be conducted in person or remotely using video and audio conferencing tools.

The groups may vary in size based on your plan and the things you’re comfortable with. When you join groups, you increase the efficiency of your time, as you can spend time with a variety of clients at one time instead of just one client at one time.

After a one-on-one consultation You can take your business of consulting into the future by establishing an organization-wide consulting program.

It is possible to create an outline of the things you do with each client. This will allow you to leverage your time and aid more clients, without needing to increase the amount of time you are consulting.

Membership Sites

The next step after group consultation is to transform it into a planned program and develop an account site for members.

Membership sites are web-based platform which allows members access to training materials and research tools and a community , for an annual fee. Only members who pay for access to the site since it is secured with an account.

After analyzing and interviewing the work of hundreds of experts, I have discovered the same pattern.

About 80% of the work a consultant does with a client is the same as other clients. Less than 20% is actually unique to the client’s situation

This presents the possibility to maximize your time and effort by making a membership website.

You can create a membership website to cover 20% of your consulting , which is standard for all of your clients. For the remainder of 20%of your consulting, you are able to organize weekly or fortnightly questions or answer session.

In addition, you could also offer clients the opportunity to schedule one-on-one sessions for the cost of personalized consultation.

I use this method with my clients, and the results are amazing!

We have seen this in our clients in the past 10 years.

The basis for creating an effective consulting company is easy.

You discover a niche and you make an offer, and you gain customers from the right sources and then you market the consulting service.

The majority of consultants who are starting out with these basic concepts don’t know what they are.

Therefore, in our program our site for members covers the 80% of these, which are the essentials and are common among all professional.

The remaining 20% are dependent on the specific circumstance that is unique to the individual.

Clients love this mix of being able to complete things on their own terms while also being able to receive the attention they require from their team members and through regular Q and A sessions.

We score high satisfaction and happiness scores on every single one of our surveys with our clients.

The model of a membership site is a step higher than the model of group consulting and can help you leverage your time and effort, which could result in exponential gains for any consulting company.

Which Model is the best and more efficient?

One-on-one consultation has its own set of restrictions.

The biggest challenge you could confront in one-on-one consultation is the pressure of your time and bandwidth.

The only way you can expect to increase your earnings is to raise your prices. When prices rise the demand for your services decreases. When you increase the price you are at risk of losing customers.

Although this isn’t as evident for clients who are high-end but it does happen. There will be smaller numbers of people able to purchase your consulting package for $20,000 than $8000.

As you advance and become more experienced, one-on-one consulting can become an extremely lucrative job that means you’re unable to dedicate your time.

Clients are totally dependent on you to train them and this could be demanding and time-consuming for you.

You need to limit the number of clients, as you can’t accept more than 8 consultation calls per day. This means that you have a limit to your income.

If given the option nobody wants to reduce their earnings.

Based on my personal experience and my research, the group consultation model is more efficient with regards to effort, time and costs.

If you are doing one-on-one consulting, you only serve one client at a given time, whereas in cases of group consultation you can serve many clients at the same cost and time.

For instance, if you provide 4 sessions per month each lasting 1 hour in cases of one-on one consulting which is four hours per month for each client.

In the context of group consulting in which you provide 10 hours a monthly period to 10 people within the group, you’re investing only 10 hours in total offering 10 people. It’s only 1 hour for each client that you actually spend.

Based on the previous example it is evident that group-based consulting is both more efficient and time-saving in regards to the amount of clients.

And , as we’ve mentioned before it is possible to enhance this using the power of membership websites. In this way, you’ll be able offer even more value to your customers while using less time per customer.

The Most Effective Method to Approach This

My suggestion is to first start with one-on-one consulting and then establish your expertise.

Find a few clients for your consulting business and offer the consulting services you offer to them to show your market.

Assess and identify what aspects are common to your customers. Then, you can create an overall plan of consultation in accordance with your assessment.

When your group consulting plan is in place, group your clients into groups and conduct regular consulting sessions.

Beyond group, Consulting is the site for membership where you can share more than 80 percent of your content with your clients. The membership websites make job easy as your clients are able to independently access the content at any moment and from any location according to their individual pace, and at their convenience. It takes less time and effort as compared to a group-consulting model, and it can cater to larger groups without any direct involvement.


Chapter 6:

Market Effectively to Get Leads

You’ve found your niche, developed your consulting services and set the right price to attract high-end clients.

The next crucial stage is to be into the hands of the appropriate people in a timely manner.

Being able to consistently generate leads that convert into paying customers is among the most difficult issues that consultants face.

So let’s see how to do that.

Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide

What is Traffic?

Traffic refers to when target people view your site’s content.

Anyone who falls within your niche and can see what you’ve published in the world could be a potential client that can be turned into a lucrative client.

12 types of traffics for marketing

The book “Traction A Startup Guide to Getting Customers” provides the 19 major routes that drive traffic.

I’ve gone a step further, and combined a few of them into a more succinct and useful for consultants to consider the 12 different types of traffic that are listed below:

  1. PR The idea is getting your name in the media or gaining coverage.
  2. Blogs, SEO in addition to Content Marketing. It is the process of creating content that you have created, and then posting it to your personal blog, as well as on your other blog as guest post, on your YouTube channel LinkedIn or other social media channels.
  3. Online ADs: This is posting ADs online. It could be in search engines such as Google and Bing and on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn and show ads on other websites.
  4. Joint Ventures and Email Marketing: This is partnering with someone who owns an email list or traffic asset that is pertinent to your particular niche.
  5. Educational Platforms: It is the traffic from platforms such as Udemy as well as Coursera.
  6. speaking gigs The idea is to get on stage and speaking to an appropriate audience.
  7. Communities Building The idea is to create groups via Facebook, Linked In, etc. and then gaining visitors from them.
  8. Referrals and your Network: These are people that you already know or who your current clients have known.
  9. Offline ads: This is traditional media like hoardings and billboards as well as newspaper and magazine print media magazines, flyers, and newspapers advertising on television, radio advertisements.
  10. Trade Events and Shows Offline: They are the events in which participants from a specific industry exhibit, demonstrate and discuss their goods and services.
  11.  Viral Marketing & Unconventional PR: The strategy includes implementing unorthodox and unique publicity stunts, and making content that goes “viral”.  
  12. Marketing as Engineering: That means that you create tools and other resources that people will appreciate and utilize.

The traffic that doesn’t work for consultants


PR is a great way to build brand recognition and goodwill. But the traffic generated by it is usually not very pertinent and won’t assist you in obtaining paid customers.

Offline Ads

Offline advertising isn’t working well for consultants since they’re great for large and non-niche business. They’re also quite expensive.

Trade shows

They are useful for companies who offer products or services that are related to the subject of the trade exhibition. This type of traffic source is usually not relevant to consultants.

Traffic That Can Work But Not Recommended

Blogging and SEO 

The blog can bring in good traffic, but it requires a lot energy and time to create an effective blog.

It is also important to know the way SEO is done.

You shouldn’t just write whatever you’re feeling like writing about and think that your site will perform well and attract visitors.

Content is important however, there are numerous other aspects in order to rank your blog on Google.

It should be proficient, speedy, mobile-friendly, targeted at the appropriate keywords, use the proper type of promotion, outreach, and be well-optimized. This may require assistance from an expert, which is expensive.

A blog may take anywhere from between 4 and 6 months (even for SEO companies) to see positive results. This can be more so in the case of starting today and intending to complete everything by yourself.

Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide

Online Ads

The effectiveness of online advertisements depends on the area of expertise you consult in. Ads on the internet can be extremely costly if your field is highly competitive since you will have to compete against other companies and your market is likely to be crowded.

Although online ADs are easy to set up but be aware that they could be a dangerous source of money drain if they are not properly monitored.

I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in online ADs myself, and I’m here to say that it’s not straightforward.

It could take three to nine months or more, and a substantial budget to see good results. This is with the assistance of a seasoned marketer.

Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide

Speaking Gigs

Speaking engagements are a great source of targeted traffic, when you are speaking in the appropriate places to the appropriate people. However, speaking gigs will require the travel of participants and showing on the spot, which can take a lot of time.

The process of getting speaking engagements is lengthy and exhausting.

Educational Platforms

Educational platforms are an excellent way to attract clients, but their prices are extremely low. This means that they can generate only just low ticket traffic. They don’t offer flexibility for various types of packages. As a result, you can’t offer premium plans for your customers.

Unconventional PR and Viral Marketing 

It’s extremely difficult to create content that goes viral, but If you do succeed in this regard, only a small portion of the traffic you receive is relevant to your particular niche.

Therefore, I don’t suggest using viral marketing because it is a huge amount of money and effort that won’t result in valuable and relevant traffic.

Community Building

Community-building can be an effective way to increase traffic, however it takes an enormous amount of effort and time to create a community and maintain it.

Another crucial aspect when it comes to community building is that you must to create a community on an external platform, which could be risky in certain instances as the platform is able to modify its rules at any time. If this happens the entire effort could be ruined by one quick change in the rules.

Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide

Which traffic is best for consultants?

Based on my experiences, the following two kinds of traffic work best for consultants . I advise you to test both.

 Referrals and Your Network  

Network marketing and referrals are the most efficient and cost-effective method to get clients.

Your network may be the perfect client to start with because They already trust you and have respect in your company.

You may also contact your existing clients or former clients to get referrals through recommendations from word of mouth. People you know and refer to are extremely successful in terms of becoming clients.

Don’t not forget to request testimonials from your customers as these reviews can help build trust for your brand of consulting and expand your customer base.

One of the most significant flaws of this software is it’s limited to your network and will be exhausted after a certain point.

Joint Ventures

If you’re not aware of JV’s, consider that an influencer, such as Brian Tracy, or Les Brown as well as Tony Robbins, endorse your work on their mailing list. Imagine Tony’s millions of email subscribers being aware of your work via an email Tony delivered to them.

It’s the definition of a Joint Venture, someone who is your ideal audience for promoting your work.

When they refer to you as a reliable consultant, it means that they confidence in you, which is a major factor in becoming a client who is paid.

I consider JVs to be one of the top sources of traffic to find clients.

In the beginning of my venture, I was solely reliant on JVs, and it was the best decision I could make.

In fact, I have a client Nadine has recently completed an JV that has more than 120,000 members!

An additional client, Vijaya has JVs in her pipeline and averages 10 JVs she promotes with each month.

To honor my pupil Kaley, I’ll let this image speak for the itself.

Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide

I advise all my clients through my most popular program that uses JVs as the main method to guarantee a steady flow of paying clients . They consistently deliver amazing results.


Chapter 7:

Converting Traffic To Sales

As consultant, your main objective is to expand your consulting business by continuously increasing the number of clients you can get through the traffic you’re producing. 

How can you do that?

This can be accomplished by using funnels. This is the most important thing and being able to do it properly will allow you to build an effective business consulting.

Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide

What is a funnel?

A funnel is the process that you go through to bring them to the point at which they are eager to sign up with you.

A funnel is characterized by three results. The building of trust, confidence and a need.


The word “trust” means that people believe they have something valuable to offer that can be a positive influence on their professional or personal growth.

They also have confidence that you’ll keep what you’re promising them and not slink around with their money, or swindle them.

The first step is to trust your clients to establish relationships with your customers.


Credibility is the ability to make someone recognize that you’re an expert in what you do.

It adds credibility to your guidance and helps your clients realize that they can trust and trust you to deliver the results they desire.


Need is the process of helping your leads understand that the issue you are working on for them represents a crucial issue they must solve and that they’re more successful with your assistance them instead of trying to resolve the issue themselves.

The Structure of a Funnel

A funnel is divided into 4 primary sections.

marketing funnel - starting a consulting business while working full-time


As mentioned earlier, getting traffic means being to the right people and letting them view your website’s content.

CALL TO ACTION and Conversion

Call to action are fundamental elements that communicate to the audience you are trying to reach what steps is required and the best way to do it.

For instance, if you ask your potential clients to book for a phone call, then that’s calling to take action.

It will motivate your intended audience to make the first step toward conversion.

Conversion occurs when your lead takes action on an invitation to act and then gives them their contact information so you can engage further and engage with them.


It is the third stage of the funnel. Through communicating with the lead you ask the lead to pay for the consulting package or for the service.

Inspiring customer to come back

The last part of your funnel to urge customers to return on your site and purchase more services and products or keep engaging with you.

This is what a basic marketing funnel looks.

Marketing funnels vary based on business and choosing the funnel that works for your company could make the difference between frustration or a huge growth for your consulting company.

What funnel should the one you choose for your consulting business be like?

The Ultimate High-Ticket Consulting Funnel

I’ve tested a variety of funnels over the years and with a lot of study and experience, I have developed the best high-ticket funnel which can turn your leads into lucrative customers.

I’ve tested multiple traffic sources like ADs, Content Marketing, SEO, Youtube etc. The majority of sources I’ve mentioned earlier I’ve tried a variety of methods of conversion , such as workshops, ebooks, courses or quizzes.

Through the years, we’ve constantly tested the effectiveness of our funnels and what does not. I’ve spent more than $50,000 on various funnels in the last two months.

There have been failed tests in which we’ve spent thousands dollars but not earned anything from it. We’ve also had a number of great results where we’ve made many thousands just a tiny fraction.

I’ve published a book that is based on my experience ” The 12 Steps to Get A Consistent Stream Of High Paying Customers

What I’ve discovered is that there’s a funnel that is far superior to any or the others.

I’ve tested the method with hundreds and hundreds of advisors across various niches, and it’s proven to work and proved itself repeatedly to produce leads upon demand.

This high-end funnel for consulting is perfect for you to manage and expand the consulting company you run.


Referral traffic from joint ventures

At the beginning with your website, you must be able to identify a source of traffic that is trusted by the user that doesn’t take too long and will not cost a lot of money to develop.

This is the place where the joint venture traffic shines far more so than the other source of traffic.

The benefit of JVs are that they’ve built and growing their fan base throughout time. That means that the people who are on their list, trust JVs and consider them trustworthy.

Another advantage of JVs is that they allow you to typically negotiate deals where you don’t have to make any upfront payments. You pay based on the number of clients you gain from the JV’s promotional.

The risk is virtually at a zero.

You just have to master the art of closing JVs. After they have promoted your company, you’ll get an abundance of leads flowing through your funnel. It’s not as long as other sources of traffic.


The next stage is conversion. you make use of webinars on the internet to generate high-value leads through the traffic you’ve generated through JVs.

If someone is going to an online webinar, they need to sign up, mark it on their calendar, be there at the correct time and then sit through the whole session.

When you compare it to a video or ebook, or even a test it is an extremely strong purpose. For those who are present for the webinar are usually paying attentively and a large proportion of them stick around until the conclusion.

When you announce to the audience at conclusion, those who been watching your webinar until the very end are likely to sign up for the call and turn to paying customers.

My webcast is the most efficient conversion asset for me and has earned millions of dollars for us over time.

Pre-qualification questionnaire

A pre-qualification test (PQQ) can be described as a set of questions that help you to comprehend the lead more thoroughly.

It will help you decide whether the person you are interviewing is an ideal candidate for your business, especially in case they have the problem you’re able to resolve and whether they have the capacity and willingness to pay an amount that is high.

This helps ensure that you’re receiving calls from the right leads and aren’t spending your time on lead seekers who can’t assist.


You can see our pre-qualification questionnaire here.

The 2 Call Process

Through the years we’ve tried 1 call closes, two call closes, and more than two call closes.

We’ve found that the two-call method is the best and most efficient one.

The issue with a single call ending is that the clients aren’t ready to commit to your services. They may not be a good match.

Although it might seem odd having two calls to end a conversation with someone who is an existing client in reality, it will save you time because you don’t wind in spending long hours calling people you’ve determined as not the right match.

I’ve been doing this for over 22,000 leads and it’s been working such well, that I practice it and I recommend it to all of my customers.

Prior to that, when we were doing what the majority of users were advising on how to conduct business, that was intimate people on one call, we realized that, out of five people who were on the call, 3 to 4 did not have the qualifications.

However, we’d need to have to spend 90 minutes on each one of them.

However, if we implement the Triage call method it is possible to get the same number of leads taking part in the final call but we’d be spending significantly less time talking to lead prospects who are not qualified.

The same result, but much less time.

Firstcall: Create requirements to provide your services as a consultant

Many people who are looking for high-quality consulting services would like to speak with someone. This is where the initial call falls into play.

In the initial call, you get to know your client, learn about their concerns, and establish that they’re a great match and establish the demand for your consulting services.

Second call Closing the deal

Once you have established that they are an ideal match and establishing the desire in the initial phone call, the next one is when you establish the relevance and sell your consulting service in the best way possible to the prospect.

This is the moment when you make the sale and make the prospect an actual paying customer.


Deliver results

When the sale is completed, you give them the items you promised them and make sure they are satisfied and are getting the results you promised them.

Remember to under-promise and over-deliver

This will ensure that your clients are thrilled the relationship you have with them. It also prepares them to move on to the next phase.

Referral and renewal

This final stage can help to accelerate the growth of your business consulting.

If you’ve delivered outstanding value to your clients and assist them in reaching their goals and afterwards, you are able to solicit testimonials or recommendations.

There is a good chance that your client has a friend who requires assistance with the same issues they’ve overcome. They can also tell others, information about you and recommend them to their networks. Make use of this.

Referrals are among the most affordable and effective methods to attract new clients.

If your company has a strategy that allows you to communicate with your clients on a regular basis, then concentrate on this. If you can keep clients on a regular basis they are saving the total cost of marketing, which can be important.

Customers who remain loyal to you have a more purchasing tendency and can be an excellent source of valuable feedback for your business.

Don’t underestimate the importance of retention.

Based on research that have shown that increasing customer’s retention rate by only 5percent increases profits by 25-95 percent!


the perks of client retention - start a successful online consulting business

In this way, you will increase the amount you earn for each of your clients.

Here’s a short video that explains how to design consultation programs that rock that your clients will love.

The clients I have, Brian as well as Kaley have done this , and it has taken their business to the next level! Their schedule is full and they are unable to meet demands for the services they provide.

Here you go the ultimate high-end consulting funnel.

Chapter 8:

Your Effective Website

You’re on the road to create the first on-line consulting business.

The term “online” signifies that you require an online presence, and your website is exactly an example of.

It’s difficult to operate an online business without the use of a website.

Let’s discuss the important aspects (and not so important) for your business consulting web site.

Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide

The importance of a website

A website is the business card of the internet age.

Have you ever you heard “Google It” “Google this”?

Online searches for information have become so commonplace it “Google” is now part of the Official Oxford dictionary in the year 2006.

Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide

The situation is not any different for your business.

A website is a way to establish credibility for your company. Your website will be at the forefront of your business’s online presence. According to an study, 81% of consumers conduct their research online prior to making an purchase. This number is constantly growing. And , even then, around 45 percent of small-scale businesses do not have websites!

importance of being online - start a successful online consulting business

If you don’t own a website , you’re losing credibility and potential to promote your business as a consultant.

On the other hand having a website will immediately gives you a leg over nearly half your competitors.

The importance of your site is evident. Let’s take a look at the other aspects that are important to it.

The Perfect Website

“Perfectionism is a lost cause. Focus your energy on being the best you can be.”
– Domonique Bertolucci

I’ve witnessed a lot of consultants stumbling around trying to make their site perfect.

The perfect design, the perfect colour and the perfect logo marketing videos, text, etc.

You don’t need a perfect website, you need an effective one

As a consultant, do not become overly concerned with making your site as perfect and thorough and you’ll end up with websites that are overloaded with details.

It is essential to create a successful web page than to create a complicated and easy one that can convert visitors into lucrative customers.

If you’re not skilled in creating websites, then you should seek out an expert who will assist you build the right website.

My suggestion is to not engage a random web designer to create your site, Instead, you should choose an expert who is aware of what a good consulting website needs to be. This will help you save time and energy so that you can focus on managing and expanding the consulting company you run.

A high converting website is more important than a beautiful one

If you’ve figured out the necessity of not getting caught in the rut of perfecting for your site What are the key aspects you should be aware of?

The Critical Elements of your website

Here are the most important aspects of a consultancy website. 


AA perfect website should convey your business’s core values clearly to your customers and explain how your company will benefit them.

Research shows that on average, 55% of all pageviews get less than 15 seconds of attention

This means that you will have under 15 seconds to explain the main benefit that a user of your website will receive and keep them engaged to remain on your site for a longer period of time.

Create content that appeals to your audience, separated with clear headers. Check your content over and ensure it’s not ambiguous or words that are filler.

After you’ve completed the first step, there’s another thing to remember.

Research shows that on average, people read only about 20% of the text that is on a page. This percentage increases as the number of texts decreases

This means that you have be sure that you don’t put lots of text on your site. It is not possible to put up a wall of texts on your site. A majority of users aren’t going to take the time to read it, and it will create a negative experience for the user.

Keep it brief, concise and pertinent to the reader to convey the information they should know even if they only skim the webpage.

Make it brief and easy so that your viewers have to put in less effort to understand it. Avoid using terms that do not really have any meaning or have any value, like cutting-edge innovative, cutting-edge, etc.

Kaley Zeitouni’s site is a great example of clear copywriting and a catchy header design that highlights the primary value to the user in a matter of seconds.

Kaley's Website

Also, stay clear of advertisements from third party. These can distract your users from what’s most important you!

Call to Action

The call to action commonly referred to as CTA, is a call to action that informs the person who is who is looking at your content the next step to do.

According to research, 90% of the people who read your headline will read your call to action

Visitors to websites are typically fast-moving and have limited attention durations. If they visit your website and see that your message relevant to the audience, you need to take advantage of that and provide the visitors a clear explanation of what they should do next.

It’s crucial that your call-to-action is clear, eye-catching and that they are aware of what to be expecting when they click on it.

Lissa’s website is an excellent example of an obvious call to action. When people first visited her site they weren’t certain of the best way to to do.

She has redesigned her website. Take a look at it right now. There’s no doubt about the next step to take after only one glance.


Your Core Offerings

The section on core offerings is clear about what you need to provide in a concise way that is tangible, quantifiable and tangible.

Your products should target the needs of your customers.

It gives anyone who is browsing through your website must get a clear appreciation of the benefits from engaging on your site in a concise way. The way Desi Tahiraj explains it through her site is a perfect illustration of this.


When people interact with a business, specifically for businesses such as consulting, they need to know the person who is behind it.

It shouldn’t be long but you should be able to effectively share your journey to ensure that those who read it are able to be captivated by your story.

Also, make sure you upload your image in a location with your face prominently visible. Clients are more likely to feel connected when they can see the person behind the business . This human connection will help you establish trust with your clients.


You can see how Jacqui Carrel has done a stellar job of her bio on her website.


Testimonials are essential since nothing can build trust and credibility more than those of your colleagues.

It’s the most powerful social evidence. I can assure you from my personal experience that when I began receiving excellent quality testimonials, it became significantly easier to find clients.

There are four kinds of testimonials you’d like to include on your website:

  1. A celebrity endorsement
  2. Testimonial from a common man
  3. A testimonial from a normal woman
  4. Testimonial of someone who has an “against all odds” successful story

Each one of these testimonials has each of it’s own benefits and a mix of them is a wonderful goal to accomplish.

Positive testimonials are extremely precise and express the way you assisted them in achieving their goals.

You can take it one step further and obtain testimonials on video.

According to a study, 2 out of 3 people say they’d be more likely to make a purchase after watching a testimonial video demonstrating how a business, product, or service had helped another person like them

Chris Howards’s video testimonial is a perfect example of a powerful video testimonial.

Legal aspects

With the introduction of GDPR (which means General Data Protection Regulation) as well as other laws pertaining to privacy, it’s become crucial for webmasters to ensure that they are in compliance with the law.

Infractions can lead to heavy fines or penalties.

It’s reported that since its enforcement in 2018, European authorities have imposed EUR 114 million ($126 million) in fines in the first 2.5 years

It is also predicted that the amount and frequency of fines will continue to increase.

A majority of countries have strict regulations in their cybersecurity and cyber laws including guidelines on privacy. The ones that do not have it are preparing to.

Legally speaking, these are important:

  1. Privacy policy
  2. Cookie policy
  3. Cookie Consent
  4. Terms and Conditions
  5. Refund Policy
  6. Copyright Notice

It is your responsibility to ensure that these policies are properly implemented and up-to-date.

Be aware that the views presented here shouldn’t be considered as legal advice. The laws and regulations for different companies and locations are different and sometimes complex. Make sure you have a an experienced legal professional to deal with all the issues above in your particular area of jurisdiction.

Technical Aspects

Up to now, I’ve discussed only the contents that you require for the consulting site. What is the most important thing regarding the technical aspects?


why your website speed matters - start a successful online consulting business

According to studies, 40% of users abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Beyond that, you lose 7% of users for every second your website takes to load.

Google has been using the speed at which a website loads as a ranking factor to determine where your website shows up in google search results since 2010.

So you need to ensure your website is blazing fast.


HTTPs is the small lock sign you will see to the left of your website’s address.

This is the basic technology that guarantees that no hackers or any third-party can monitor your visitors and their interactions with your site.

In this day and age, it’s a must to set this up correctly. It’s more beneficial for users, and it’s better to have your business appear on Google and get noticed.

In contrast in the event that your website isn’t properly set up or installed properly, users will get a alarming warning that will make visitors be compelled to leave your site immediately.


Mobile Optimized

A mobile-optimized website is basically ensuring that your website appears and performs well when users use it on phones on the go and offer the best user experience for tiny screens.

Desktop computers aren’t the most popular method of accessing the internet.

More than 50% of the internet traffic comes from mobile phones and this trend is here to stay

From 2013 to 2019, the amount of time spent watching media on a desktop dropped. Over the same time period the amount of time spent on mobile devices has dramatically increased.

Even Google has shifted to mobile-first indexing, which basically means that their algorithms are primarily based on devices that are mobile-friendly versions of your site to rank it in search results.

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you risk instantly alienating more than half those who come across your site.

Smooth User Flow

You’ve seen a trend emerge in all the things I’ve said about your site.

Everything is designed with your user’s needs in the forefront. We want your visitors to experience the best experience exploring your website.

It should be like they’re in effortless flow as they browse your site and easily locate what they require and take the steps they plan to.

The flow of the website shouldn’t be interrupted by issues like broken pages or links that land in strange sections of your website, or becoming lost.

Check that it is in fact the situation.

Keep the user in mind, ensure smooth and streamlined flow and keep it simple


If you’re looking to create a website of your own, go through some of the sites featured in the previous examples to get some ideas, and then design your own site based on these examples.

You could also offer your website design to an expert in the field who can build an expert-level website that will transform your website’s traffic into high worth clients.

Chapter 9:

Online Consulting Business Sins

I have seen so many consultants commit avoidable mistakes causing them to waste a lot of time, money, and effort, eventually causing frustration and them giving up.

The online consulting business sins are basically repetitive mistakes that consultants commonly make in their journey of setting up their business.

After analysing all the consultants I have worked with over the past decade, I have compiled the 4 most common traps that consultants fall into.

Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide

Trying to be all over social media

I’ve seen a lot of consultants promote their business across all social media platform they can join.

If you are trying to be visible everywhere, you’ll over-spread yourself and become ineffective everywhere.

This is the attention and time that you could use elsewhere and more effectively to expand your consulting business.

As I said in the past, social media is not an effective method of generating customers for four reasons.

  1. You’re bound by certain platform’s rules and, if they take your account, you’re in a position of being helpless. (Like the way that health associations)
Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide

  1. The majority of social media platforms have throttled organic reach in order to make money. So, even if you’ve got a page with lots people following it, you won’t be able see your posts unless you’re willing to pay. From 2012 to 2016, the organic engagement on Facebook has dropped from 16 percent to just 2%.
Facebook page organic reach - start a successful online consulting business

If you have 1000 followers following you but only 20 are actually viewing your content, unless you pay to be promoted.

Other social media platforms have also followed the same pattern.

  1. Since organic reach is no longer a viable option in social media, the only option you have is to run ADs.

    I’ve spent more than $200k in the past calendar year for ADs and I’m able to assure you that it’s not easy to make it work.

    It could take anywhere from three to nine months, or more, a huge budget and the assistance of a seasoned marketer. After this, there’s no guarantee of success.
  2.  It is true that the social media space is a extremely busy one. Facebook boasts more than nine million advertisers active. That means you’re in lots of competitors.
    However Facebook’s engagement rate is only 0.09 percent. This means that only 9 out of 10,000 fans actually interact with the post!  
promoting on facebook - start a successful online consulting business

However, it’s not that difficult to accomplish it. We’ve all heard about social media success stories.

However, success stories have been few, and far between.

For every successful business consultant who has a successful career there are countless others that were not successful. They don’t hear about them in any media.

The client I worked with Hugh Todd tried to make social media work for more than a year, but with no results to prove it. Then, he decided to stop and began making use of JVs to promote his business that has brought him better results , with less effort and a significantly shorter time.

Although I strongly suggest against it, If you do decide to try to connect with clients via social media, use industry research to assist you in your decision . Choose only one platform that’s appropriate for your particular field and where you believe you are the most likely to succeed , and be focused on it.

Focusing on too many things online

Many consultants will spend much of their time searching for and search of education or certification programs prior to starting their own business.

In this way they stray from the intention of establishing their business and leave them without a fulfilled dream.

The Internet is filled with information but some of it may not be right. You could end up spending your time, money for programs or courses that don’t work.

Many self-proclaimed gurus offer methods that have not been proven by the actual world, and aren’t effective.

Concentration and perseverance are crucial elements for success in business.

According to research, focusing on more than 1 thing at a time causes a productivity loss of 40%

Imagine the compounding effect over time.

As an experienced consultant I recommend you get advice from an industry professional or sign up for a course in order to get direction and help to begin your own online consulting business as soon as possible.

A program that is focused and skilled in helping consultants set up their own consulting businesses can assist you in getting the best advice from the right person and could save you tons of time and money over the long term.

Not niching

I’ve already covered it. However it’s  important that mistake not be done and that’s why I’m forced to bring it up again.

Are you done with your area of expertise in the last few days? If not, return to the section on niching to get it completed.

I can’t stress it enough: you need to find your find your niche!

A well-defined niche can attract the right customers for your business and will help boost your business in the proper direction.

Niching can provide you with opportunities to work with clients who are high-end and help you build your consulting business.

Niching can help to promote your online consulting business as well as assist you in expanding your business beyond the borders.

Marketing the technique or framework

Sometimes, I’ve seen consultants concentrate on marketing their method or framework.

Be sure to advertise the results you can help people achieve, not the method you employ.

For instance, if you were to market you for example, as an NLP consultant OR as a consultant that helps people overcome addictions.

Which one of these do your potential clients connect more strongly to?

As an NLP consultant, you’ll get lost in the crowd, however when you tie it with the result you will make an impact.


The profits you earn through your consulting business is not tax-free.

Make sure you declare the tax and paying it as necessary and in time, so that you do not get in the wrong hands of the tax authorities or be a victim of tax fraud or tax evasion.

Safeguard Yourself Against Liabilities

There are a variety of different business structures such as Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, LLCs and so on. that you can pick from to start your consulting business.

Choose the best arrangement for the business you are operating. For instance, LLC is a reference to a Limited Liability Corporation which ensures that you’re not personally responsible for your consulting business’s liabilities or debts, and so protect yourself, your family and your personal assets.

safeguarding yourself against liabilities - starting a consulting business while working full-time

Make sure you have correct contracts in place. obtain the necessary paperwork by your partners, clients, vendors and employees.

Legal troubles is not something you’d like to do as it could cause the demise of the consulting company you run. Therefore, make sure to remain on the right track. This is a lesson that should not be learned by doing it the hard way.

Since the laws and regulations for different companies and locations are different and often complicated make sure you have a an experienced legal professional to deal with all of the above concerns.

Continue to revisit these sins each month. Make a conscious effort to be sure that you aren’t getting caught in these traps.

Chapter 10:

Effective Digital Tools

In the past decade, while managing an online consulting business , and also helping other consultants establish their own businesses, I have played around with a variety of digital tools.

From all the tools I’ve utilized throughout the many years I have a few which found to be the most effective and vital ones to run an online consultancy business.

Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide

What are these tools and why are they important?

In the current digital world, consultants can establish an effective and competitive online consulting business with the appropriate digital tools.

Online or digital tools are essentially software, programs, websites online platforms, as well as tools that help in managing and expanding your business and managing your chores easy and smooth.

As per a recent study, around 71% of professionals similar to consultants agreed that they will have to invest more in technology in the future

You know it’s important not be left behind.

What tools are vital to your online consultancy company?

The Essential Tools



Zoom can be described as a cloud-based communications platform that offers audio and video conference. It’s among the industry top players in this area.

It’s a great tool for consultants because it allows you to schedule your zoom calls. You can choose to choose a free or a paid version of Zoom according to the needs of your business.

You can connect with hundreds of people on Zoom. It is the best thing about it that that you get incredible video and audio services.

You could also record consultation sessions with your clients to give to them so that they can refer for future reference.

Zoom offers a variety of features that are free. If you require more advanced options, you can opt for the paid version too.

It’s also extremely user-friendly, and you don’t require technical knowledge to understand it.

Join Zoom here..


Calendly can be described as an online appointment-scheduling software. It also allows you to schedule events and meetings. The best part is that you can share your availability via the Calendly hyperlink to your clients even if they do not use Calendly. It can be used with the major calendars such as Google or iCal.

It removes the burden of constant communications to identify a time slot that is convenient for both you and your client.

It is the best range of features in its free version when compared with any other competitor. Pricing for paid plans are also competitive.

So, if you feel that the free version isn’t enough, then consider paying for a subscription.

Calendly can easily be integrated on your website and be integrated into your calendar. This makes the process of booking appointments seamless through your website, and aid in managing your appointments and availability.

Join Calendly here.


Mailchimp is a one-stop CRM (CRM) service.

It is a robust platform for managing relationships with current customers, potential and past customers.

Your email list will be stored within Mailchimp and will allow you in contacting your leads, track, and target keep track of and better manage your leads.

Mailchimp offers a free version that comes with an array of features, and also offers affordable plans in the event that you require additional features.

Join Mailchimp here.


JotForm is a robust online tool that lets anyone to create quickly custom online forms.

It comes with a user-friendly, drag-and-drop user interface that makes it simple to utilize and does not require programming skills.

I make use of JotForm extensively, and for all sorts of contracts. I must have signed by my vendors, customers, contractors and employees.

JotForm offers a variety of subscription choices, including a free plan. Free users can avail all the same features that paid users have. However, they are limited on the number of forms and submissions to forms and views storage, upload space and storage for submissions.

Join JotForm here..

Google Analytics

Google analytics can help you analyze the behavior of your customers and how they interact with your site.

This is the method used by more than 50% of the websites.

Examining the data contained in it will help you determine the ways to market that are working most effectively for you.

It can also assist you to identify the areas in which your visitors are dropping off and are not converting. It is possible to address these issues within your funnel and optimize your funnel accordingly.

Google Analytics helps you make informed decisions based on data about which areas to focus on and what to do to increase the growth of your business.


Zapier is a useful online automation tool that can connect your most used apps like Mailchimp, Slack, Gmail and many more all together in one location.

It assists you in automatizing repetitive tasks.

Connect two or more applications without any prior knowledge of programming or having to rely on the developers to implement.

Zapier is a vital tool that can help you increase and automate certain aspects of your company.

You can sign up to Zapier here.


EverWebinar is an automated platform for webinars.

Webinars are an integral component of the high-end consulting funnel that I mentioned earlier.

Everwebinar allows you to install the EverWebinar software upload, host and upload your webinars without hassle.

You can record webinars for your clients which can be fully automated.

EverWebinar Sign Up


WordPress is the most well-known free CMS. It is the powerhouse behind 40% of websites on the internet.

It’s awesome to design an online presence or create blogs using.

It also provides hundreds of mobile-friendly themes and designs that you can customize according to your preferences.

It is a highly flexible and adaptable system that has an enormous group of developers and a wide range of plugins which can offer you (almost) all the functionality you can imagine.

I’ve tried and tested each of the tools above for my website and for my clients, and the results are incredible. If you’re looking for someone who can guide you through all the business consulting set up, check out the software that can provide you with impressive results.

Chapter 11:

Case Studies

It’s been a pleasure to be part of many consultants like you but who have succeeded in establishing their online business of consulting.

Let me give you some actual examples of consultants who are exactly like you and have successfully launched and running their consulting business online.

Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide

Case Study 1

Vijaya Nair is an acclaimed Harvard and Columbia University-trained medical researcher author and physician who is driven to bring Eastern methods with Western medical and scientific education.

She has developed her consulting business through Joint Ventures (JV’s). Vijaya utilized JV’s to expand clients to the extent that she’s actually denying people who are interested in her services because she’s not able to handle the demand to handle them anymore.

According to her own terms, she’ll explain how she developed her business with JVs.

Case Study 2

Brian Peters is multi-faceted. He was among the UK’s top financial advisors, as well as the top earning adviser in Asia as well as an author, consultant, a former “Mr. Universe” as well as our client.

Brian collaborates with salespeople and their families, helping them to get their next customers. At the time we met him Brian was mulling over the idea of becoming an advisor for others financial professionals.

Listen to him discuss his experience here.



You’ve done an excellent job in completing this article and you have all the info you require to start an online consultancy business.

Follow all the steps listed in this article and apply them to establish your online business of consulting.

The distance between your dreams and reality is called action

Being proactive and maintaining the same direction is crucial.

What is the area you’ve decided to pursue to pursue?

What is the problem that is painful you’re solving?

What section of this guide that you found most valuable?

Are there unanswered questions making you feel uncomfortable or do you do you think I’ve not understood some information?

Tell me via the comment section below and I’ll provide you with access to a free program that I created.

Start A Successful Online Consulting Business: The Definitive Guide

Download a FREE PDF version of this guide…

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