How to promote your life consulting business? [2022 Edition]

It is true that if no one knows about your business, there is a good likelihood that you’ll be unable to continue the business.

This led me to advertise my consultancy business.

I was aware that numerous consultants across the world are just like me. How do I be different? What do I need to focus on to ensure that I don’t be lost in this overcrowded market?

What is the most effective method in bringing clients to me and marketing my project?

The answer was straightforward. I had to figure out the best marketing strategy. I realized that it was vital for a life coach to stay constant. Therefore, I continued offering free consulting sessions and workshops in order to bring more clients.

In my first phase, I realized the significance of social media sites. It was a great opportunity to influence people and to promote my consulting business.

I effortlessly influenced others to continue following my progress as a life coach and how valuable my life-consulting company was.

This marketing plan was a major opportunity to make a change in my professional career.

Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize marketing when you consider every step that you take to build your life-consulting business.

Let me take you to my experience in marketing. In the meantime, if you’re still trying to discover your niche in life consulting, then you have the option of choosing among 15 different life consulting areas which are in high demand.

When you have chosen your area of expertise, it will be simple to promote your company to the correct people. Be aware that marketing for a consulting company is crucial for attracting clients.

I will go over ways to advertise your consulting business and discuss some life-consultant marketing strategies of the world’s famous consultants.

1. Begin with a warm and welcoming audience

Isn’t it simple to let those who appreciate you let them know what you’re doing?

My client invited of his close friends to a party with this message: “Hello everyone, I am so excited to start my life-consulting business. I specialize in dealing with the various types of business problems associated with startups. I’ve held a no-cost workshop lasting for an hour next Sunday. If you’re looking for an event like this, I think this could be an ideal chance for you. Send the emails to anyone who is interested. I look forward to meeting you all.”

It was successful, and a lot of people showed up at the event. Even though the attendance was not overwhelming, it had a major impact.

Therefore, the primary job of bringing people to your free consultation session is quite simple.

According to Greg DeSimone, Catapult Advisory Group. It is crucial to assist and connect with as many people as possible.

Participate in webinars or in workshops. Spend 15 minutes answering any questions.

The more you’re useful to others and the more likely you’ll be regarded as a source.

Once that is done, you can determine the potential client or which package would best suit them.

2.Make sure you attend the right events to network.

Jada Willis, who was the creator of Willis Professional Services, once stated that your competition does not need to be your adversaries. It is important to network with other consultants and perhaps join a local network group.

If you are able to make the most appropriate connections, you might begin referring clients to others. Your strengths are the same as your weaknesses. What they hate, you could enjoy and admire.

I was able to get my first client as a consultant who contacted me during one of the occasions. I gave a short talk at the occasion. The event was attended by a young gentleman who came up to me.

He asked me a few questions, and I suggested to him to come in person. This was how the adventure of my life-long consulting career began.

This approach to networking has allowed me to get recommendations on a regular basis. I was able to understand how growing a business through leverage techniques works.

This method will provide you with top-quality leads. Don’t you think this is the best way to advertise your life-consulting business? In my experience, it was a huge success.

3. Find your sweet spot with an effective branding.

Virginia Franco, the famous politician Virginia Franco, Virginia Franco Resumes, made a specific statement that defines-

Who would be your ideal customer?

What are you able to do for them?

Are there people whom you would like to be a hero or an ally?

What is the most pressing issue of other people that you’d like to resolve?

Additionally, you should know the answers to the following questions “So what?” and “Why you?”

It will be loud and clear which person will be the one to completely fall for your perfect spot.

All marketing materials, websites, LinkedIn related profiles and social media platforms must carry this information.

4. Make the most of your knowledge.

In the words of Evan Roth, the founder of Roth Consultancy International, as consultants, you must have a passion for serving and be convinced of that you can help anyone.

The search for commonalities in experience is one way that has helped gain clients. Corporate leaders are said to collaborate with life consultants who have also been corporate leaders.

I am able to connect with many clients through talking about my experiences on occasions. They relate to my experience, and that is why my experience can help build relationships.


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5. Join forces with others to help market your life consulting business

I am sure you are puzzled on why I am requesting you to locate a partner for your company.

Let me tell you. For instance, if you own a life coach firm, you could collaborate with a motivational blog for young people writers.

Your life-consulting services are advertised on his website, which can, in turn, bring your clients. With minimal expense and both of you can gain clients.

They’re not competing, but since you have the same target market, It is a win-win for both.

These collaborations can help to build your life consulting business.

6. Get referrals regularly

You may be wondering how to keep getting referrals on a regular basis?

Numerous life coaches have encountered this to be a major issue. They don’t wish to appear like they’re insistent. What is the best way to do this?

The first and most important thing is to maintain my voice in such an approach that looks professional without sounding aggressive. It is possible to ask questions in a variety of ways, such as: “Is anyone else in your network who I can help to help me?’

Have you come across someone in the last few days who could my services help?’

Are there people within your circle who would like to receive my advice?

It is important to choose the correct words in your contacts lists.

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7. Make use of video to entice customers

As stated by Elle Ingalls, owner of Pressure-Free Living, videos don’t have to be elaborate. Just quite authentic.

We are a society obsessed with screens, and when you are included in a video, this can give credibility to your practices.

You could, for instance, make a video that demonstrates how potential clients will profit from your services.

After the video, you’ll be able to write a message like: “Now that you’ve experienced my life coaching session, would you be interested in attending my regular sessions? I have a 2-month plan that will help you meet your needs.”

One such person was John Dyan got his first consulting clients through a video series John Dyan had posted on Facebook.

He had made an announcement about the program that was not yet developed. The program was initially sold, then the creator created the complete program and guided the customers through the process.

I consider video to be an incredible medium of marketing for life consultants as you are able to easily reach your target market.

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8. Create buzz to market your life-consulting business

To advertise your life consulting business, you must connect with individuals. What can you do to do this?

I’ve tried a variety of ways at the beginning of my journey that involved business marketing.

I shared free and valuable material that is sure to grab interest. To access more content, I offered the premium package. This led to an increase in the number of viewers.

In the following months, I also began offering a free service on my site to expand the number of people I could contact. The requests came flooding in.

The public began to realize the advantages of my consulting services. The initial strategies of my career led me to where I am now.

9. Refrain from wasting your time

Ofttimes, in this type of free seminar, many unqualified individuals will try to approach you. What can you do to let them know they’re not suitable to be your consultant?

Justin Sachs, Motivational Press, says that he has noticed one of the most effective practices developers is turning the incorrect prospects away. This may seem counterintuitive. However, every time he would tell the prospect that they were not suitable for his services and three of the best individuals would appear.’

It was vital because he didn’t want his business of life consulting to be criticized badly. Instead, he recommended the business for other consulting firms.

This approach helped him establish strong connections with his clients as well as other consultants.

I ask my clients a couple of questions to help them understand their needs. You could also utilize these 12 life-related questions to ask the clients you work with.

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10. You can become the consultant you could choose

The kind of advisor do you choose to consult with? What are the qualities you should be looking for in the consultant?

This is where you have to improve your appearance.

Famous figurehead Rey Castellanos, Feed Your Wolf The most effective way to attract clients is to display your fundamental principles to all the people around you. This means putting into practice the principles you teach. This means that you live within your beliefs to the highest standard of integrity.

Unfortunately, these traits are rare nowadays. People who possess them really are a cut above. If you want to attract your clients want you, they need to be the person you’d want to employ.

11. Be aware of your brand’s name and communicate it.

As per Wendi Weiner, the Writing Guru at attracting the right customers is about understanding your brand’s personality and communicating your message in the correct way.

If, for instance, your target audience is young, Your branding message needs to be centred around how you can assist them to achieve their daily objectives.

Define and define your distinctive qualities so that your customers can be able to recognize them quickly.

12. Spend time where your target audience often visit

I’ve discovered this to be the easiest way to promote any company. This is a great method of promoting a life consulting business, too.


In the past, I had visited cafes a lot and came across lots of people talking about their goals for their careers. I had conversations with a few of them. I discovered my specialization.

Then I showed them I had shown them how they could build their careers through my daily consultation sessions.

Kendrick Shope advised you to inform people of the reasons they should hire your services. I used this marketing technique to promote my life-consulting business.

This is a good example, but you can also look at different venues, such as meetings with organizations or seminars.

13. Differentiate is an effective tool to market your life consulting business.

It is commonly believed that you can be 10 or more times over your competition is doing, or distinguish yourself.

If you decide to go with the second option, you’ll know how to make yourself stand out?

For instance, you could cost clients in a different way or give clients additional advantages.

What is it that makes Apple distinguish itself from the other smartphone brands? It’s always looking to come up with something different than its competitors haven’t tried yet. Apple also sets itself apart in terms of price and distribution. This is what’s needed in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

Make sure you go through the article 12 Strategies to Bring Clients to Your Consulting Practice This is a great article to draw clients.

14. Write the ultimate guide.

What is it that a person would like from a life coach? They need an in-depth understanding of your goals.

For the first consultation clients, you have to do is create an ideal guide.

You’re probably wondering how this system operates?

It’s a simple process. I designed an all-inclusive guide for my clients according to their visions and goals. My clients achieved success and have promoted my brand to their networks. In this way, I’ve built an excellent customer base.

How did this work?

This is due to the fact that I explained the ideas in-depth, and clients began trusting me.

To attract more interest, it is possible to publish your content in newspapers, magazines, or blogs. It can help you build an enterprise in life consulting successfully.

If you’re searching for the ultimate guide on how to become a life skills consultant, then make sure to go through How to become a life coach An extensive guide.

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15. Create a consultation event

Consulting events are designed to connect your clients, potential clients, and friends to one place. This event can help to promote your business.

Serve them meals or snacks. Participate in an interactive discussion about the topic of consulting.

Do you not think it’s the best moment to share important information? Many more people will be able to experience live consultation by a highly successful life coach, which is you.

16. Make your own private pool

What is the significance of this?

What are you going to do when you’re looking to purchase an automobile. You’ll go to the dealership you are confident in. Right?

That same trust that you are able to establish for your life-consulting business.

Create Facebook groups. Set up your own Instagram page. This is the best method to build brand awareness. You can connect directly to your potential clients. They’ll know who you’re a consultant and will establish your business.

In my initial phase, I was able to gain regular clients through Instagram followers. I made a decent amount that helped me invest more.

17. It is important to take care of your customers.

Consider people with whom you’d like to be a part of the team? Why would you like to be working with them? Why do you value them? What is your definition of them as your top customers?

For example, I used to be a mentor for young professionals. I was able to understand their struggles and see them as my own. This was a source of motivation to work on various projects. They also bonded well with me, which gave me satisfaction.

So, to advertise your business of life coaching, you need to select the right target audience. It is simple to connect with someone you love for.

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18. E-Mail marketing

Do you think that the concept of sending emails every day is very hectic? But it’s not when you approach it in the right manner.

I used to mail every day, and was also each day. A few people didn’t even read my emails. However, they were those who weren’t my real customers.

I tried to figure out the frequency my highly-engaged active clients wanted to hear from me. In order to do this, I tried different strategies for email.

What information should you put in your everyday mail? What is an acceptable word-limit? Should it be in narrative form or motivational lessons?

Stories of motivational shorts that help you grow professionally and personally can be useful to use for Email marketing. There’s no set of rules to adhere to. It is best to experiment with trial and error and discover what you can do to help your clients.

19. Webinars can be used to promote your life-consulting business.

Did you notice that getting people around the globe is now so effortless? Are you looking to market your life consulting business all over the world?

Webinars are the most effective method to connect with clients from all over the globe. It was easy for me to contact people since it’s reasonable for your customers and helps save time.

It’s amazing to be able to communicate with people from various countries. Does that sound like a dream? Do you want to try it?

Webinars have greatly helped me in enhancing my credibility as a businessperson.

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20. Solution-oriented

Help the people. Offer them solutions. It works.

As mentioned previously, I once offered free services. This was a great way to build my credibility. I set out a primary goal to assist my client first. It ultimately helped me turn my clients who were free into paid customers.

Solutions play an essential part in the process of success. They create a strong bond with your customers. They feel secure as they are given a coach to help them find solutions.

If you’re trouble and you are not in a position to identify ways to expand your business, check out four steps for growing the Size of Your Consulting Business

21. Make sure you invest in the branding

Would you purchase a car that doesn’t have the features that you’re seeking? It is essential to develop a distinctive brand.

I tell the experiences of my customers. Word of mouth is the best method to market any company. Also, I update my social media and website platforms’ pages. Continuous updates create an enumeration of customers and aid in creating your own brand.

You will need to answer the following questions to create your brand.

What can I do to help? Who are your ideal customers? What value can I offer?

Which groups could benefit the most from your advice? What groups can you recommend to your colleagues?

After participating in your class, what will the client be able to accomplish that he was unable to do before?

What has changed in his work, career, or health been improved? How do I make my consulting style distinct from those of my competitors?

If you are able to find what the answers are to the above questions, you will be in contact with your customers. This will allow you to grow and identify your life-consulting business.

Make sure to include the branding strategy into your websites, social media platforms and other platforms.

22. Find a mentor and be advice from them again.

How did you grow your life-consulting business? You had teachers, weren’t you.

Find someone to mentor you once more. This time, you must discover how to become the most effective consultant.

In the beginning, I have stuck the process of establishing my life consulting business. Therefore, I sought out some mentors. I learned how they train and promote their skills as consultants. It helped me recognize my strengths and weak points.

For instance, if your ideal clients for consulting comprise sales professionals, you must connect with mentors who specialize in teaching the sales executive.

Sometimes, you need to let go and discover new information by observing your instructors. Also, look for someone to boost and market your life-consulting business.

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23. Blogging and Vlogging

Write blogs to your site and regularly create high-quality content since it is a great way to increase your web presence.

Also, set up a YouTube channel and start creating Vlogs. Connect your Vlogs to your site.

I used to stick to an 80/20 principle. In this scenario, you’ll need to dedicate 20 per cent to writing blog posts and the remaining 80% to marketing your blog through social media.

I also played around with various media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and many more. Additionally, I tried different formats for content, like texts, videos and podcasts, to discover what might best work.

Final Note

You now have all the important points to market your life consulting business. Implement these strategies to watch your business grow.

You can develop a large customer base by making use of the effective strategies and suggestions I’ve shared.

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