30 Consulting Trends That You Must Know [2022 Edition]

Today, I’d like to present 30 current consulting trends you should be aware of.

The consultancy sector is expanding at a breakneck pace. It is noisier and more packed than before. Consulting clients are getting more sophisticated, and they are willing to pay for consultants with exceptional consulting abilities and a track record of producing significant results.

The consulting industry’s rapid expansion can be attributed to several of the most significant consulting trends emerging in recent years.

The consulting future appears to be quite remarkable. If you’re considering starting your consulting firm, there’s no time like the present. The moment has come to capitalize on this chance to brand yourself as the go-to expert in your niche.

However, to succeed, you must transform yourself into a learning machine.

If you stay current on consulting trends and practices, it will become much easier to outperform your competitors. You can then work your way up the ladder to quickly develop a six-figure consulting firm.

To wow your clients, you must comprehend the latest innovations in the consulting business and possess top Consulting skills.

Without further ado, let’s dive into consulting trends for 2021 that will help you stay on top of the game.

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Are you concerned about securing a suitable location for your consulting business?

That is unnecessary!

Don’t you wish to contact your audience at any time and from any location?

Take a look around, and you’ll notice that technology is transforming the consulting industry.

In 2021 and beyond, the location-based consultancy will continue to lose prominence.

Top consultants will incorporate micro-learning sessions, gamification, and content into their consulting sessions.

Simultaneously, avoid entirely losing touch. It would be best if you had a combination to obtain the best of both worlds. Utilize the benefits of technology, but don’t forget to incorporate a live element into your service.

2. The growing Human-touch

Put yourself in the shoes of your client.

Consultant A:

He is a generalist who includes pre-recorded films and content in his bundle and very few live interactions.

Consultant B:

An expert is sensitive to your requirements and makes every effort to meet them through face-to-face interactions.

Whom are you going to choose? Yes! Correct! B. Consultant Avoid the error of assuming your client to be a fool.

You may be wondering how to proceed with live encounters in light of current consulting trends indicating a surge in virtual consulting.

You can also provide real-time video interactions. One of my clients holds weekly Q&A sessions to address her clients’ individual needs.

You must be inventive.

Consultants in 2021 and beyond will need to develop innovative ways to make encounters feel as customized as feasible.

3. The increased need for quantifiable outcomes

Your clients are now demanding results, and they want them now!

Consultants with a demonstrated track record of success will outperform their competitors.

Thus, how do you prepare for a similar situation?

In 2021, devote all of your attention and energy to results-driven consulting.

Bear in mind that your clients are paying you not for the process but for the change you bring to their life.

Consume literature. Take advantage of the most fantastic courses and programs available. Discover efficient strategies for delivering superior results quickly.

Your results-driven approach should be promoted throughout your marketing and sales platforms. As a member of consulting membership sites, you can showcase your successes and earn clients.

4. Greater accountability

Numerous consultants obtain the designation “Consultant” simply by reading one or two books on the subject. This will quickly change in the future.

This is very natural in a mature industry. With the influx of newcomers to the consulting industry, entrance barriers are sure to grow.

Previously, all you needed were the word of mouth recommendations, an excellent reputation, and client testimonials. However, as 2021 approaches, paper qualification will quickly become one of the most prevalent consulting trends.

In the business consulting sector, qualified consultants will be required to assert their knowledge.

Therefore, should you abandon all other pursuits and invest immediately in consulting training programmers?

In fact, no. However, if you want to ensure your business’s long-term success, it’s worth contemplating whether or not to certify your testimonies.

5. Increased emphasis on positive psychology

This tendency will have a significant impact, particularly on the growth of the life consulting business.

Positive psychology will assist clients in overcoming mental hurdles.

Negative and self-defeating talks will be assessed and changed with good dialogues by the consultant. The objective will alter the client’s thinking pattern and life in general.

Therefore, if you choose to pursue a career as a life consultant, you must master this art.

6. Consulting will become less than a luxury

In 2021, consulting will devolve from a “Luxury” to a “Necessity.”

Individuals from all walks of life will recognize that they are confronted with complex problems that they cannot tackle independently.

They will seek assistance, increasing the demand for specialists.

The benefits of consulting will no longer be exclusive to the affluent.

It will become a must for everyone in all domains.

7. Niche consulting will grow in popularity

Do you believe that an individual can be an expert in multiple industries? Alternatively, he can exercise control over numerous segments of the same industry.

Soon, industries and people will encounter complex difficulties that can be resolved only by specialized or specialty advisors.

Therefore, if you wish to position yourself as a generalist, put an end to that. You will be dismissed.

Additionally, you will not be able to command the hefty fees charged by specialized experts.

Allow me to use Nicole Jardim as an example. She is an expert in hormonal health. She assists young ladies in better understanding their hormones and managing their menstrual cycles.

She has amassed a sizable following on Instagram and Facebook before even beginning her one-on-one advising sessions.

Are you aware of how it all transpired? Because she made a point of being very explicit. Rather than pursuing a career as a “Health consultant,” she chose to specialize in “Hormonal health” for “Young women.”

Are you getting the picture?

If you want to stay current with consulting trends in 2021, you must remain specialized. You may take a look at some of the fastest-growing consulting specializations for 2021 and determine which ones are a good fit for you.

8. Automating and delegating tasks will become essential

In 2021, the use of practical consultation tools will increase.

Allow me to inform you that if you believe that you can quickly develop a six-figure consulting firm on your own. This will not be an easy task.

You will recognize the enormous benefits of automating administrative work via software and technological advancements as you progress.

Some excellent consulting tools can help you halve your workload. Neglecting them would be a grave error.

Additionally, consultants will delegate or outsource some tasks to freelancers. They will provide ghostwriting, videography, and web content assistance.

9. Relationship driven approach

30 Consulting Trends That You Must Know [2022 Edition] consulting trends
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Effective consulting is built on the pillars of trust, commitment, and a good relationship. In 2021, you may anticipate the consulting trend of authentic and meaningful partnerships to continue.

Only when your client can identify with you will he return and recognize your value.

Put an end to “Network” development and focus on “Relationships.”

Allow your clientele to connect with you on a more profound level.

Once that relationship is established, they will even give you a premium. The reason is that they see you as the only adviser who truly understands and empathizes with their situation while also being committed to resolving it.

10. Matchmaking will become more essential

Not every client is a good fit for your business. Not every time will your skills provide outstanding results.

Recognizing the appropriate client is always preferable to losing time and effort and gaining negative comments.

In 2021, matchmaking will be one of the most influential consulting trends. Consultants will place a high premium on tools and technologies that assist them in matching individuals based on their personalities and areas of competence.

Additionally, interviews will aid significantly in the process of pairing.

11. At the nexus of industry expertise and consultancy technique

The business consulting industry will continue to see an increase in these business consulting industry trends.

To succeed in the consulting sector, you must have extensive industry and line experience.

Consultants will require consultants and advisers to help them achieve extraordinary goals for a thriving consulting future.

12. Increasing regulations

It may be bad news for you, but it also indicates that the consulting profession is maturing.

As a result, it will require its own set of ethics and regulations.

Countries will regulate consulting, and in a few years, education systems and professional organizations will be tasked with strengthening this profession.

Does this imply that it is a disadvantage to you? Nope! All of this will be done to end consultants’ “mushroom growth” and establish quality standards.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be counted among the best consultants?

Yes, correct?

Thus, the hour has come to cease moaning and begin acting!

13. Consulting will outdistance Consulting

Consulting fills up knowledge gaps while emphasizing the transfer of wisdom.

In the not-too-distant future, industries will choose to consult consulting. As talent becomes more difficult to ‘recruit,’ young leaders will want to learn.

14. The experience will replace explanation

You are misguided if you imagine that you can lure clients with words and explanations.

While the power of words may diminish over time, the power of an unforgettable event will endure.

To retain clients, you must incorporate fresh thinking and a novel method of presenting the information.

While the result is crucial, an enduring impression will help you get there.

While the saying “the first impression is the last impression” is true, it is critical to maintaining the impression throughout.

15. Content over process

Are you asking your customer the right insightful consulting questions? Is your material client-centric and centered on his requirements?

Otherwise, there is no room for further delay.

I use the term “Content” to refer to this and content that highlights your work.

You cannot tell your client, “Believe my technique; it is 100 percent effective.”

By 2021 and beyond, demand for “been there, seen that, done that” consultants will increase as they become more competent in assisting individuals in looking around their corners.

16. Working with a consultant will become a norm

All of us consultants owe a debt of gratitude to shows like “Billions.” These factors have significantly increased the necessity for and desire for consultation.

Whether it’s business consulting, life consulting, or another consulting, they all educate people on managing stress and developing a unique perspective on complex challenges.

Who doesn’t desire such a thing?

Better days are on the way!

17. Digitization of consulting

30 Consulting Trends That You Must Know [2022 Edition] consulting trends
Image from Pixabay.com

Webinars, online education, and digital consulting are all developing trends in the consulting profession.

As a consultant, wouldn’t you instead reach a broad audience with ease of access and a realistic schedule?

This will also result in significant cost savings in infrastructure and other costs.

I’m trying to communicate that the days of face-to-face consultation are waning. While live interactions remain a need, they will no longer be adequate.

To maintain your value and relevance, you must keep up with these consulting trends for 2021.

18. Consulting fees will level off

According to the Sherpa Executive Consulting Survey 2018 findings, the annual Consultant Salary by Niche is as follows:

Salary of an Executive Consultant: USD 104,700

Salary of a Business Consultant: $61,000,

Salary of a Life Consultant: $37,000

Without question, the consultation costs were high. However, this disparity will eventually close.

The costs will be distributed between a few elite certified consultants who work with high-end clients and a far broader population of consultants who provide low-cost services.

19. Consulting will mature as a career, but will continue to evolve

Additionally, the pool of competent, trained, and qualified consultants will be expanded.

This, in conjunction with standards and regulations, will contribute to the consulting profession’s maturation.

Avoid being taken aback by an unforeseen trend that sweeps the market. The consulting industry is ever-evolving and hungry for new consulting trends.

20. Emphasis on continuous learning

You snagged an incredible deal! Great.

Thus, this strategy appears to work for the following time, correct? Perhaps constantly?

Completely incorrect!

While dealing with clients, you will quickly understand that each case is unique and has peculiar requirements. Not every time with the same hammer will the stone be broken!

Therefore, what should you do…?

Continue to develop and hone your soft and hard abilities. Take command of cutting-edge technologies and tools.

A consultant with razor-sharp interpersonal skills and extensive domain experience is sure to hasten the process of creating a six-figure consulting practice.

21. Agility in leadership will shape some of the amazing consultants

30 Consulting Trends That You Must Know [2022 Edition] consulting trends
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Eliminate superfluous layers of complexity that impede growth. The simplest method to incorporate agility into your business is to plan carefully.

Consider the following scenario: you have a ten-session consulting program. It consists of one weekly session. Now you must plan how to proceed to get the necessary goals during this period.

What is your plan for the first session? What comes next? Are you squandering time dwelling about trivial matters, etc.?

As an intelligent consultant, it is your responsibility to identify instances in which agility triumphs.

22. The convergence of branding and direct response

Branding is a process that takes time. In comparison, a straight answer assists you in better comprehending and evaluating your consultation services.

Therefore, what should your primary focus be?

This is not that difficult. By examining immediate answers and improving yourself, you are essentially creating a brand for yourself.

Until now, many consultants considered “Branding” and “Direct feedback” to be distinct concepts.

The intersection of the two will be one of the significant consulting trends in 2021. Both of these will be interdependent.

23. Video Marketing

Scenario 1: There is a great deal of stuff to read because, of course, you want to communicate everything to your client.

Scenario 2: A film depicting everything in both visual and audible form.

Which one will better attract your client’s attention?

Effective consulting requires effective marketing. Regardless of how good you are, if you want to remain in a quiet corner, you will stay there.

Without a doubt, video marketing is an emerging consulting trend that will help many consultants. It catches people’s attention. If it’s entertaining enough, they won’t even notice how much time they’ve spent viewing it.

24. The popularity of social media marketing will continue to grow

The conventional marketing strategy has already ceased to exist.

Major consulting firms are well aware of the enormous potential of social media marketing and are eager to capitalize on it.

In 2021, the demand for social media marketing will increase, providing consultants with an easy and successful approach to building their businesses.

25. Growth

The consulting industry continues to expand. It has not yet experienced a steep decline. According to the 2016 ICF research, 53,300 consultants worldwide, a 13% rise from 2012.

The consulting sector is predicted to be worth more than $2.4 billion in 2021 and is continually rising.

I’m confident this trend will entice you to get back on track. If you have any reservations about your future as a consultant, cast them aside. It is undeniably magnificent.

26. Consulting across borders will be most common

With the global economy expanding and technology becoming more accessible, consultants will operate across borders.

Therefore, if you wish to stay current with consulting trends, you must be conversant with cross-border culture, languages, and so on to blend effortlessly with your clients.

Consultants who are bilingual/multilingual and culturally competent will be in great demand.

27. Metrics will become standard practice

Your clients will expect and measure the outcomes of your consultation sessions.

Therefore, if you consider experimenting on your client, you should pause.

You must genuinely transform the consultants and demonstrate that their investment was worthwhile.

For instance, a business may wish to track specific outcomes such as increased productivity or increased skill among consultants.

28. Peer consulting will become more important

30 Consulting Trends That You Must Know [2022 Edition] consulting trends
Image from Pixabay.com

Peer and internal consulting will become increasingly important in 2021.

While peer consultation is widely used, research indicates that it is not as effective as it may be.

29. Systemic consulting skills

Systemic Consulting talents will continue to grow in demand, particularly in the executive consulting business, through 2021 and beyond.

If you want to lead individuals, teams, or entire organizations, you must have systemic consulting skills.

Systemic consulting can assist in unlocking an organization’s potential and resolving wicked problems.

30. Overwhelm, overwhelm, overwhelm

That is where the milestone is attained!

You must awe your clientele with your inventive approaches and innovative practices.

This is not new, but in 2021, most consultants will develop novel techniques for penetrating their clients’ hearts.

Take care not to fall behind in the race.

1. Only the most highly skilled consultants will be able to survive.

2. Consultants will need to develop cultural competency, multilingualism, and specialized training in areas such as neurology.

3. Increased time for self-education.

4. Consultants will be required to follow applicable consulting regulations.

5. Expertise in the field of virtual consultation.

6. To disseminate their messages,’ super consultants’ heavily rely on social media marketing.

7. Experience will be critical.

8. A relationship-based approach will result in the development of effective consultants.

9. The consultancy industry’s future appears to be incredibly promising!


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